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Bumi Resources

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PT Bumi Resources Tbk is an Indonesia-based oil, natural gas, and coal mining company. The Company is engaged in the mining, manufacturing, production and marketing of coal, as well as oil and natural gas exploration. In addition, it is also engaged in the general trading sector, the hotels and tourism industries and other related services. The Company has 16 subsidiaries, which principal activities include mining and marketing. One of the subsidiaries, PT Arutmin Indonesia, is a coal mining company, which exports the majority of its products to international markets. The Company is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Friday, August 1, 2008

BUMI: Net Profit Rose 74,3%

Laba BUMI 1H08 naik 74,3% YoY menjadi US$ 301,8 mn, sementara pendapatan meningkat 29,6% YoY menjadi US$ 1,15bn. Lower-than-expected revenue di karenakan oleh volume batu-bara produksi yang menurun sebesar 10,2 % to only 25,4 Mtn from 28,3 Mtn, penurunan volume batu-bara, mainly dikarenakan oleh hujan yang berkepanjangan dan kapasitas produksi yang belum bertambah.

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